Tornador® Towel

Dry Cloth


Item No.: 877 900

  • Extremely high absorption
  • 50% greater liquid uptake
  • Three times faster liquid uptake
  • Cleans without smears or lint
  • Resistant to oil and grease

The newly developed Tornador® Towel dry cloth is super absorbent. It absorbs up to 50% more water three times faster than conventional chamois leather. The Tornador® Towel is machine-washable up to 30°C and resistant to most oils, grease and chemicals. Specially developed to gently dry all sensitive surfaces. It dries without smears or lint. The new Tornador® Towel dry cloth is the perfect complement when working with the Tornador®-Gun Z-010 or the Tornador® BLACK Z-020. Absorb liquids with this cloth without leaving any residues. Guaranteed gleaming results after drying without smears or lint.

The Tornador® Towel dry cloth especially designed to absorb large amounts of liquid is vastly superior to conventional chamois leathers. It absorbs up to 50% more water three times faster. The 66 x 43 cm size was especially conceived for professional car detailers. In this profession time equals money and you save both when you have to wring out the dry cloth less often. Drying without smears or lint is likewise a matter of course, just as machine-washability up to 30°C. It has long become commonplace to want to use professional technologies even in the private sphere. With the introduction of the second cloth size of 43 x 32 cm, this customer request is also satisfied.