Tornador® TS-21

Polishing Sponge for the PH-21


Item No.: 601 600

  • Especially tailored to the requirements of the Tornador® PH-21
  • Very long tool life/service life
  • The incised honeycomb structure effectively increases the polishing surface area

152 mm (6"), hook-and-loop design, incised honeycomb structure. The specially made sponge foam ensures a very high level of durability even after extended use. This means polishing performance is very consistent. Because of expansion the incised honeycomb structure facilitates enlargement of the polishing surface and hence quicker achievement of the desired result. The honeycomb structure also reduces heat development on the surface and ensures better distribution of the polishing compound on the sponge surface.

The special foam of the Tornador® TS-21 makes it possible for the first time to achieve a high rate of removal (elimination of scratches) and a brilliant finish with only one sponge. Another distinguishing feature is its long service life. The innovative shape makes it possible to access even corners and edges but at the same time protects the paint surface too from coming into contact with the polisher backing plate.