Tornador® Double

Mirrorfinish Cloths

Item No.: 877 894

  • one side long pile, other side short pile
  • highest quality micro fibre 430 GSM
  • washable up to 40°C

Special micro fibre towel for the professional usage with two different sides. The soft side with short fibres provides the ideal solution for absorption of polishing residues. With the super soft side with longer fibres the coating is polished glossy.
1 set contains 2 pieces!
Size 40 x 40cm.

The Tornador® cloth series especially developed for the automotive sector, consisting of Tornador® CRYSTAL CLEAR, Tornador® CABIN, Tornador® BUFF, Tornador® MICRO, Tornador® MICRO PRO, Tornador® DOUBLE and Tornador® MICRO GIANT, is made of partly coated microfiber of the highest quality. Based on customer wishes and suggestions our manufacturers have managed to develop new types of cloth that produce better results than comparable microfiber products.