Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS

Dry Cleaning Spray Gun


Item No.: 602 414

Exploded view drawing:

  • without a cleaning cup: for hard to reach areas
  • for dry cleaning only
  • includes built-in air regulator
  • includes built-in swivel air-nipple
  • with proven Tornador technology
  • ergonomic, temperature isolated, low vibration

The Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS is designed for quick and easy cleaning of the most hard to reach areas (eg. ventilation slots, seat rails, door storage compartments, dashboards) or to thorough dry cleaning of electronic components. With a very high volume flow and the strongest impact the Tornador® Basic Z-014RS provides a brilliant cleaning solution. Even most persistent dirt can be removed fast and very easy with unique Tornador® effect.
Ideal for restructuring of velour surfaces, for cleaning of dog and cat hair or also for deep cleaning of spare or exchange parts. Also great for the DIY area in car and truck wash parks.



Whenever the conventional liquid container makes it difficult to access tight areas, the Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS has proven to be especially successful: Under the seats, in the engine compartment, on the radiator grill, in the handle shells, under the filler cap, or also with all electrical components, the Tornador® BASIC Z-014RS cleans and dries accurately. The built-in air regulator and the built-in swivel air inlet make the usage and handling even easier.