Tornador® RagSHINE

Decontamination Clay Towel


Item No.: 877 946

  • Multiple uses
  • With polymer detailing clay
  • Double benefit

Microfiber cloth with polymer detailing clay Size: 30 x 30 cm Revolutionary alternative to the detailing clay. After use simply rinse with water and hang to dry. This removes dirt particles from paint easier and simpler than conventional detailing clay. Impregnate the towel, say, with ph-neutral car shampoo, fold four times and use it to wipe over the moistened car paint. Then simply wipe again with the towel's microfiber side.

Microfiber cloth and detailing clay combined into a new type of accessory for the car detailer. Quicker and easier to use than conventional detailing clay. After wiping with the clay side, simply turn the towel over and wipe the finished surface with the towel's microfiber side.