Tornador® PH-15

Electric Orbital Polisher


Item No.: 601 592

Exploded view drawing:

Orbital throw15 mm
Power input900 W
RPM1700 – 4800
Speed regulation electronic, continuous
Hook-and-loop backing125 mm

  • 15 mm orbital throw
  • Includes 10 m power cord
  • Continuously variable speed control

The Tornador® PH-15 is the ideal polisher for all curved surfaces, corners and edges. Its is perfectly balanced and only weights 2.6 KG. This makes PH-15 very easy to use. The extreme running smoothness and low level of vibration make the new polisher a great choice for continuous operation.
The 900 watts motor provides a very strong erosion without producing swirls and holograms. A 10 meter long cable allows the operator a large action scope.

In connection with the TS-15 polishing pad and the TC-21 polishing compound the PH-15 provides an ideal one-step polishing system.